13 August, 2017

A hiatus from the hectic

-Ms. Elizabeth Soares and Ms. Ashwini Gupte


The class IX and X students of Don Bosco High School, Matunga enjoyed a day of rejuvenation through an enriching retreat and a stimulating recollection on August 10.

The Catholic students of Class 10 were called to spend some time to know the Holy Book and its content. They were given the meaning of creation and the gift of life through the retreat conducted by Rev. Fr. Joaquim Fernandes, as he guided the students to understand the Book Of Genesis and the Book Of Exodus. A talk by Br. Jeswin Mastan helped the students to get to know the Japanese way of life. Activities like the Biblical Quiz and the Bible Word Search Game helped in making the day come alive. Fr. Leon Rodrigues guided the Catholic students of class 9 into making a spiritually refreshing retreat.

In the afternoon the students viewed a video on ‘Moses’ that was based on the Book Of Exodus. The day concluded with the meaningful participation in the Eucharistic celebration celebrated by Fr. Leon.

The D.B.I.S. Bianchi Hall was the venue for the recollection conducted by Rev. Fr. Cleophas Braganza for the non Catholic students. A session on the merits and more importantly, the demerits of social media made for a stimulating discussion as the teens found it a relevant topic close to their hearts. Cyber crime, internet bullying, the necessity therefore of restricting the sharing of personal information on the web and the ‘blue whale’ game provided rich food for a riveting exchange of ideas.

“I enjoyed myself, learned new things and have realised the importance of confiding in a trusted adult”, shared Manav Sheth, while Samay Shetty believed it to be “A meaningful, informative session that will help me in the future.”