20 October,2017

A hearty Diwali celebration in the Pre-Primary section

-Ms. Bianca Fernandes


Dipawali or Diwali the festival of light symbolizes the victory of righteousness and the lifting of spiritual darkness – the victory of good over evil and the glory of light.

The Diwali celebrations in the Pre-Primary section began with the parents decorating the classrooms a day prior to celebrations on 14th Oct. The parents did a splendid job embellishing the classrooms with vibrant colours in the form of rangoli, wall hangings, lanterns, etc.

On the main day of the Diwali celebrations, the children came excited to school dressed in coloured clothes ready to enjoy the program planned for the day. The children were more than happy to see the decorated classrooms. The class began with the morning prayers. The teachers then proceeded to narrate a small Diwali story to the children which added meaning and light to the celebration. Later on the teachers also explained to the children the ill-effects of bursting crackers and how we could replace the act through some selfless good deeds.

The children later took part and enjoyed in some amazing fun-filled games organized for them by their respective class teachers. The teachers then played some engaging music for the children as they feasted on their snacks which consisted of Diwali sweets brought along in their snack boxes.

With their tummies satisfied, the children were now ready to shake a leg on the dance floor. The teachers played some amazing numbers and danced along with their children in their respective classrooms. Thus came to an end a memorable and amazing celebration of Diwali for the Kg children!