14 August, 2018
A grand Cultural Day – Std IV
-Ms. Vailena Dsouza

‘The IPL cricket season is over, the Fifa World Cup football is also over, and the next thing to watch out for are the Cultural Days of Don Bosco Primary School;’ proudly announced the commentator of Std IV, the class that set the ball rolling for the cultural days to come. And they did not disappoint…
Date -11th August, 2018, Time -2:30pm, Venue – Bianchi Hall.
The hall was filled to capacity and the afternoon’s proceedings held the audience in rapt attention. With ‘Love thy neighbor’ as the central theme, all the items were painstakingly and appropriately chosen to succinctly bring out the message. The students enthralled the audience with their singing, dancing and acting prowess. Std IV B inspired the audience with their message that ‘We are all one’ regardless of the faith we follow. And this reflection was carried forward by the students of Std IV C through their thought-provoking skit, ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakkam’, a Sanskrit phrase meaning the whole of humanity is one family.
The Rector, Rev. Fr. Crispino Dsouza, through his exhaustive address, exhorted the parents to ensure positive parental presence with their children that would be the best gift a parent could give them.
The Cultural Day is the high point in the academic life of a Primary section Boscoite. It is the culmination of all that is taught in class. And the class holding the cultural day is caught in a flurry of activity. From choosing and designing the words and graphics that adorn the backdrop to the designing of the invite, directing the skit, choreographing the dance, holding rehearsals, while simultaneously ensuring that lessons too go on uninterrupted, the class teachers under the direction of the Head teacher do it all. Hence, the Principal’s expression of gratitude to the teachers for staging such a well-executed show and setting the tone for others to follow; and commending them for doing all that they do, often at the cost of personal sacrifice, received a generous applause.
The Cultural Day of Std IV, in touching upon such a universal topic, provided food for thought to the appreciative audience on how to deal patiently and tolerantly with our neighbours because ultimately we are all one.

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