A giant leap-Online assessment of our students
-Mrs. Christina Mascarenhas
The day leading to online assessment was inevitable. The question was how and when. At the end of the month of July 2020, we completed over a month and half of online teaching and remote learning, and there was a growing need now to assess our children on their learning. The Pragyata document that contains the guidelines of the government for the conduct of online classes mentions a few models and strategies of evaluation and assessment over a period of time. These include orals, creative projects, and assessments that reinforce the child’s reading, writing and researching skills.
After having researched ourselves for some practical online testing of our students, we drew up our own Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for conducting assessments. These included invigilation, creation of links, URL’s, paper setting and all the other minute details that go into the planning of an evaluation. These SOP’s were fine tuned for each of our sections-Secondary, Primary and Kg-where the level and intensity of testing differed.
The Kg section and the Primary section began their follow up sessions and assessments by end July and the beginning of August. All the classes of the Secondary section began their assessments on 7th Aug and ended on 12th Aug 2020. The number of assessments per day via Google meet ranged from one to two half-hour sessions. Noteworthy during the days of assessment was a near hundred per cent attendance record of the students for the tests and these were taken seriously as part of their evaluation tools.
It was a challenging yet enriching online teaching period for the staff as well as for the students and the parents who needed to accommodate these sessions in the course of their own busy schedule at office and home. We aspire to provide meaningful education experience for our students in spite of the many blocks owing to the Covid pandemic crisis, and following the giant leap of conducting online assessments, we continue to move forward to the provide the best we can to the children in our care.

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