31 March. 2018

A first at Don Bosco Matunga – Guest edition of Times NIE

-Mrs.Elizabeth Soares

Times NIE (News in Education) is a student edition of the The Times group of newspapers. The guest edition is reserved for schools to publish their own school-related and student designed articles. Don Bosco High School, Matunga was given this privilege to make available its guest edition on 26th March 2018.

An important and enriching experience of this venture was a visit by the school editorial team (staff, students and Principal) along with the star alumnus, Dr. Ram Chaddha, to the Times office at Airoli and Thane on 22nd March 2018. The press at Airoli is situated on a sprawling campus, and upon our arrival, the Times NIE team with Ms. Dipali Udiavar as the coordinator, accorded us a warm and welcome. After lunch provided in the dining hall, the team was directed to the conference room for felicitation, interview and some inputs of the publication process.  The Times NIE team felicitated the school Principal, Fr. Bernard Fernandes and the guest alumnus, Dr. Ram Chaddha, besides gifting a memento to each of the school editorial team. Our young journalists from the school then got an opportunity to interview the star alumnus Dr Chaddha who reminisced his glorious and eventful days at Don Bosco High School, Matunga, and had some pearls of wisdom for each one present in the conference room. He spoke glowingly about his alma mater and its staff, his values, dreams, challenges, setbacks and passion.


The maintenance in-charge at the Airoli branch provided a PowerPoint presentation that educated us in the history of the place and the working of the press. The school editorial team was thereafter taken around the press. It was an opportunity for the students and the staff to relate the details mentioned in the power point presentation with the surroundings while also satiating their growing curiosity with questions to the tour guides. We got to know about the flow of news – the Response team that collects advertisements, team of journalists that collect news from different regions, the news that is then put on a common server. The response team places the ads according to the prices of the spaces, the journalists come and provide the news, followed by photojournalists who insert the photos according to the news. The editorial team then takes over, complete the pagination and editing of the format, and the newspaper is finalized. The pages are put into a common server and the production department takes over.


The editorial team is placed at the Times of India building near CST. THE PDF formats received by the editorial team have to be converted into an image over a plate. We were fortunate to view the plate making process. Also, there was a brief interaction with resident photojournalist Mr. Mukesh Shah – he was present to photograph the proceedings of the day- who reminisced the time he was invited by Ravi Shastri  for a shoot when he bought a new house.


The Airoli plant, which is ten years old, prints eleven lakh newspapers; ten to twelve editions are printed here. The printing machines have the capacity to print 1,30,000 copies in an hour. The printing process is 80% automated right from the unpacking of the reels to the packaging of the newspapers.  At the Airoli plant they have a Robotic based state of the art printing machine.  Yellow, magenta, cyan and black are the colours used in the printing process. These are the four dots seen at the base of each newspaper page.


After the fascinating tour of the place that concluded with the observation of the printing process and the final dispatch without loaders, the team proceeded to the Times NIE Thane office for a final round of proof reading and editing. Here the young Journalists summarized in a nutshell their enriching experience that would later feature in the guest edition under the title ‘Our day as Journalists’.


This entire venture – the first of its kind at Don Bosco, Matunga – was an amazing and learning experience.  Master Calvin Rozario of VIII D from the editorial team opined,” I   would liken the printing process  to a roller coaster ride. Yes, that’s exactly how it looks, and just like at the end of a ride  we come out energized, the newspaper too comes out all colourful and bursting with news.”

His brother, Master Kyle Rozario of Std VI D, also a member of the team remarked, “The entire experience has made us appreciate every person involved in bringing news to us.  Now every time I read a newspaper, I will look at the print, the colour, the length of the stories and  the names of the reporters with a lot more respect.”


We had the guest edition of Times NIE released on Monday, 26th March 2018 with every child in the school receiving a copy that would be treasured for a long long time.


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