12 January, 2019
A Field Trip to the Animal World
-Ms. Sarra

A visit to the zoo is a search for beauty, truth and meaning of animals in our environment. On January 10, 2019 the boys of Std 1 paid a visit to The Jijamata Udyaan also known as Rani Baug, accompanied by the class teachers and subject teachers. The zoo is picturesque covered with greenery and beautiful garden all over.
The children witnessed the newly constructed Penguins section. This made the kids aware that our natural environment is adversely affected; the different species of birds, animals and water creatures have become extinct. They particularly engaged themselves in keen observation and collecting information on various animals, especially the endangered ones. The zoo has a huge collection of the rare birds and animals, which is well preserved.
The boys were given brief information on the preservation of these species without killing or destroying any of them. The students could freely move around, know more and observe the different animals, birds and water animals. They also related it with the lesson learnt on Animal Around Us in the subject Awareness.
“I learnt animals are also our neighbours and we should protect them” says Kiaan Shetye, student of Std 1B. By gaining a lot of knowledge they also understood the fact – To preserve the animals is to save the future.

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