15 July, 2018
A day well spent in reflection
-Reena Perumbully and Ms. Karuna Dadipogu

The day for retreat and recollection for the students of Std V was arranged for 13th July, 2018 on the school campus. The Christian students congregated in the conference hall for a morning session that extended till the lunch break. It was an engaging session conducted by Fr.Terence on the theme KNOW YOURSELF WELL. The students got a chance to introspect for better behaviour standards in our daily chores and to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses. The first part of the session was an activity in which the students had to affirm their God given gifts and talents repeating to themselves, “I am Special…….” Fr. Terence narrated the story of an eaglet on how to grow with a purpose. He also made them recite the psalm THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD. The session ended with an ice breaker whereby each student wrote at least ten good things about another student.

Simultaneously there was a recollection happening for the non-Christian students of Std. V. The first part of their session was conducted in the undercroft of the Primary building where our Rector, Fr. Crispino D’Souza animated the program through valuable inputs and activities. The boys were divided into eight teams of 20 each for interaction, puzzle solving, introductions; all to get them to learn more about values that matter in life. In the second half of the session, the boys returned to their classrooms to view inspirational and motivational videos of Dr. Abdul Kalam and Gaur Gopal Das. The day’s session ended with an activity in the classrooms where each child prepared a Thank you card on the theme of friendship.

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