2 October, 2019
A Child who reads will be an adult who thinks
Readathon Day-Vachan Diwas
Ms. Mural Rebello

Reading is fun, beneficial, important and absorbing. Reading of books is a pleasure. It has a joy of its own. Reading is as necessary for our mind as food is for our body; thus the most wholesome hobby which should be acquired as early in life as possible. Readathon Day was conducted on 1st October,2019 for the students of Don Bosco Primary school. The classrooms were decorated with charts, pictures and quotes on the importance of reading. The day began with a pledge at the morning assembly to read as often as possible.
Each student was asked to bring a story book of his choice which was to be read in class. A couple of students narrated the story to the class. There were varied activities conducted in the classroom-solving interesting and thought provoking work-sheets, making a frieze, a book mark, creating a story booklet. These activities enhanced many skills like vocabulary, creativity, imagination and sequencing. The students viewed videos and power point presentations on the importance of reading which was an enriching experience and helped them understand that reading improves writing skills, relaxes and calms the mind. It was a day well spent for a worthy cause-to promote the love for reading.
To quote Master Bryce Kinny of Std IV D “I now believe that books can be my best friend.”

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