24 July, 2018
A bond kindled on Grandparents Day
Mrs Colleen Azavedo

God couldn’t be everywhere and so he made grandparents.
Grandparents provide children with a security blanket when times get tough. The relationship between grandchildren and grandparents is an irreplaceable and unforgettable bond. Time and again we get opportunities to reinforce this bond. Such an occasion for our children presented itself in the form of Grandparents Day celebrated in the school on 21st July 2018.
The grandparents of the students of Stds I to IV were invited at different moments of the day in the Bianchi Hall, which was well decorated with pictures, quotes and a beautiful backdrop that said it all.
The Captain of the Primary Section Master Adrian Borges welcomed the grandparents. This was followed by lighting of the lamp by the members of the management, Head teacher and a few grandparents. The programme began with a welcome song which set the tone for the program to follow. The dance performance was the highlight of the function. There were a few spot prizes given away to the grandparents. A few of the grandparents expressed their gratitude and joy not only in words but also in song. The moment that was cherished was when the grandparents were asked to dance along with their grandchildren.
The Rector, the Principal, the Head Teacher and the Kg Supervisor thanked the grandparents and wished them good health. The Vice Captain of the Primary Section Master Liam Sequeira extended the vote of thanks. Some light snacks and refreshments followed, after which the grandparents left feeling happy for an everlasting bond that kindled bright!

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