18 August, 2019
A break from the routine
-Sir Cliffrichard D’Souza

A group of 40 plus staff members embarked on a monsoon trek to Kharjat on 17th August morning. Fr. Crispino, Fr. Bernard, Fr. Elson and Fr. Roy joined the enthusiastic group for the trek to the picturesque destination. The bus journey from home to the spot was pleasant and fun. The bouncy ride at some stretches of the journey closer to the trek spot and long stops at the two toll booths on Kharjat-Pune old highway didn’t deter the bonhomie marked by spirited singing and good natured banter. Our stop-over was at well wisher Minu’s place for breakfast, lunch and tea. The bungalow with spacious rooms, hall and balcony provided moments for relaxation, singing, dance and meals.
After breakfast, the trek to the waterfall was adventurous and exciting. Sir Shukla the guide, as is his wont, made the easy and short trek tough that kept everyone guessing. All of us were happy for the diversion since it provided us an encounter with nature’s bounty of lush green and wet paradise. The path was untrodden which meant that we continuously trekked a new passage for ourselves. At some spots this was done with an arm-chain support of each another to gain foothold on loose rock and slippery tracks. The reward on ending this adventurous trek was an inviting stream and waterfall that’s in full flow during the monsoons. The young and the old, the feeble and the strong all had a go at the rock-strewn stream to enjoy a refreshing dip and feel the gentle shower of the waterfall.
Upon our return at the bungalow, we enjoyed some light moments that included sing-song, dance and yes, selfies! This was followed by a sumptuous lunch. The tea served before the departure was not too long after the lunch break since we had to hit the road to avoid the evening rush on the highway. Tired and sapped of energy, the journey back was quieter and heavy-eyed. The day’s trek together provided a much needed mid-term monsoon break for us to regroup ourselves for the second part of the first term that lies ahead of us.

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