Good manners are incredibly important life skills.
-Ms. Quency Lobo

Manners and etiquettes in children make good impression on others as well as it makes them feel good about themselves and their identity. The boys of Sr Kg had their class event “Good manners at home and school” on 19th July,2019.

To begin with the boys were told a story based on Good manners – Sorry, Please and Thank you. The boys were given different topics viz. good manners at home, class, school play ground, activity class, corridor, wash room, school bus, snacks break and at their visit to public places during field trips. The boys accompanied by their parents made landscape of different places they were going to talk about with waste materials. They brought out their creativity that was worth seeing. The boys came well prepared and spoke in front of the class. They expressed themselves loudly and clearly, thus enhancing their self confidence and language skills. The teacher complimented the students by giving them a star while the class applauded their performance. In the Activity class, the teacher prepared cut out of flowers and the child had to stick a good manner (value) at the center with an ice cream stick to hold it.
The event concluded with the song “Say Please, Sorry and Thank you…”. The boys were overwhelmed with joy as they went home having learnt and relived the three Golden words-Thank you, Sorry and Please.

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