2 March, 2019

Annual Scouts, Cubs, RSP and NCC DAY
-Mr. Manoj Koli

THE four uniformed troops (Scouts, Cubs, NCC and RSP) celebrated their annual day on 27th Feb 2019 by organising an exhibition of various units showcasing their talents and putting up displays of various exhibits. The celebration was from 9.30 am to 1.00 pm with the Rector, Principal, Vice-Principal, the heads and Supervisors, staff, parents and students visiting the camp and display site in the quadrangle.
The uniformed services form an integral part of the school’s curriculum to promote an ambience of fun-filled activity and skills training. Scouts, NCC, RSP and the cubs are strong and well established units in the school.
NCC aims at developing discipline, character, brotherhood, the spirit of adventure and ideals of selfless service amongst young citizens. Not only these, it also aims to enlighten leadership qualities among the youth who will serve the nation regardless of the career they choose. It also motivates the young to choose a career in armed forces. Mr. Rakesh and Mr. Melvin are our NCC masters with 50 cadets under them. The NCC day’s celebration included a morning speech by cadet Dean Mascarenhas on the importance of NCC and the manner in which it inculcates the leadership qualities in the students. In the quadrangle was a display of models of ships, submarines, fighter planes and torpedo; different types of knots and anchors; and charts with a description of NCC training and norms. The cadets explained the importance of each model to the visiting staff and students.
The school Road Safety Patrol troop is under the guidance of Sir Sham and Sir Nehal. A trained RSP cadet knows the dangers of the road and by his conduct prevents accidents. The RSP has a commitment to the society, as the motto of RSP is “WE LIVE TO SERVE”. The Road Safety Patrol is a service to mankind that ensures an accident-free life. The RSP annual day began with a short speech on the school intercom stressing the importance of road safety. A power point presentation was screened in each of the classes to spread awareness about road safety. The RSP students put on display models of different cars and bikes to explain the different parts of these vehicles and their functions. They also put up charts explaining different traffic rules and safety measures to be taken by pedestrians and vehicle drivers. The troop members enacted a skit to express the dangers of jumping traffic signals.
The Scouts and Guides movement is a voluntary, non-political, educational movement for young people, open to all without distinction of origin, race or creed, in accordance with the purpose, principles and method conceived by the Founder Lord Baden Powell in 1907. In our school, the active scout group is under the leadership of their Scout masters Mr. Manoj and Mr. Rajesh. The scouts began their annual day with a short speech on the founder of scouting Lord Baden Powell and Don Bosco. The scouts created a camp site scene, giving a camp like feel to the visitors. The exhibits included charts on first aid, scouting, pioneering, different types of knots and their uses, different types of bandages and whistle signs. A tent was put up to give a thorough camp like feel to the students. There was a live demo by the students interpreting the different types of stretchers. Scouts had miniature pioneering projects like the monkey bridge, watch tower, suspension bridge and the hour glass tower etc. A cultural display of Maharashtra was put up by the boys that showcased the food, occupations, the forts and costumes of the Maharashtrians. Few scouts dressed up as Shivaji Maharaj and his mavalas who were responsible for the setting up of Swaraj in Maharashtra. There was a clay model of a fort with Shivaji Maharaj alongside his soldiers and subjects on display.
Cubs, the group that initiates students into scouting which is even called as a preschool education to scouting movement, is another important troop in the school managed by our teachers Mrs Geetanjali and Mrs. Arati. The activities and norms of the scouts are similar for the cubs too. On the day of their celebration, the representatives of cubs displayed the charts related to the cubs’ prayer, different types of knots, trekking symbols and whistle signals. The presentation of types of knots and their use in our life were explained by the cubs to the visitors. Other cubs helped in maintaining discipline throughout the celebration.
We wish our troops many such wondrous occasions to flower, bloom and grow!

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