2 March, 2019
A Day Of Celebrations
-Mrs. Reshma Belgaonkar

Don Bosco High School, Matunga has always found interesting ways of spreading awareness about significant days and giving their students an opportunity to learn new things through various activities. 27th of February 2019 was a day of celebration at Don Bosco. Besides the uniformed troops (Scouts, NCC, RSP and cubs) day and the Science day, the school celebrated Marathi Diwas.
As one entered the school campus, it was apparent that a celebration was in accord. Charts decorated the walls of the entire school making the corridors appear like an art gallery. A few students even dressed up as some of the personalities that have influenced Maharashtra and its people like members from the Royal Maratha family of Shivaji Maharaj.
As the Marathi language coordinator, Mrs. Reshma talked to the students about Marathi Diwas which was followed by a small play by the students explaining the importance of the language-Marathi. Maintaining the spirit of the day, the Principal, Rev. Fr. Bernard Fernandes greeted the children in Marathi. The assembly was followed by different competitions held for the students from grade 5 to 9.The spirit of the soil was kept alive all day with Marathi songs played over the PA system. With the enthusiastic participation of students and teachers alike in the events that took place, it was a day full of enriching experiences for all. Everyone contributed to make this day a memorable one!

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