19 January, 2019
Our Environment, Our Neighbour (Beyond Academics Std 2, a follow up)
Ms. Tejal Masmar

It is rightly said “Love the Earth as you would love yourself.” by John Denver.
A follow up session on ‘Love thy Environment’ was organized by Beyond Academics for Std II children on January 16, 2019 in Don Bosco Primary School, to encourage the students to be responsible for cleanliness and how to manage waste in our environment.
The resource person reinforced the 3R’s i.e. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. All the students prepared variety of articles for best out of waste using ice-cream sticks and paper. The best article was selected and the students were rewarded with a chocolate. The students made useful articles out of the waste. The resource person along with the class teacher took the children to the neighbouring Institute ‘ICT’ to show them the working of the OWC-Organic Wet-Waste Converter machine and demonstrated how wet waste is converted to raw compost.
One of the student quoted, “It was indeed a good experience to know how compost is made.” The children got an enriching experience and learnt to use the waste products into useful materials to reduce the waste in our environment.