1 January, 2019
Don Bosco Matunga, 1,00,000 wrappers collected!
-Collated from a report by Rishi Agarwal for Safai Bank of India

Don Bosco High School, Matunga under the direction of GreenLine, joined Safai Bank of India MLP campaign. Safai banck launched this program in July this year which has diverted 2.5 lakh wrappers away from Deonar dumping ground till now. The latest numbers are visible on our website www.safaibank.org
The best performing school has been Don Bosco Matunga where the students collected 1 lakh wrappers in 60 days! Photos are here https://safaibank.org/don-bosco-matunga-100000-wrappers-co../
The report:
Over the past fortnight we had been feeling exhilarated and overwhelmed as the news had been coming in. The first figure we received was 38,000 which itself sent our heads wobbling because the previous high figure was about 16,000 wrappers collected at Children’s Academy, Malad (E) in October. The School gave us an SOS call once the counting revealed 1,00,000 as the collection number, they were struggling with storage. The numbers show up on the website at www.safaibank.org
In the past six months we have had great response from Gurgaon as well, which was the first to respond to the program but the figures there have been 1000 or 2000 a month, nothing close to this range.
The Safai Bank of India program was launched on 16th July earlier this year and by the end of the year it is a proud moment for us that the program has moved beyond proof of concept and is now well established as one of the more innovative programs enshrining the principles of Extended Producer Responsibility and Circular Economy. The program only deals with the waste arising from multi layered packaging waste currently and we support schools, colleges and other entities to open Safai Banks in their premises. Imagine if one school can divert 1,00,000 wrappers in two months then what 100 schools collecting at the same rate can achieve?
We are proud and thankful to our partner NEPRA which runs the program called EPR Connect for multi layered packaging waste and has extended material and logistical support for collection and disposal. This collected waste will be stored at their local storage and then transported along with various other streams to their Material Recovery Facility in Ahmedabad.
Below are pictures from the landmark day! Big congratulations to all the students Of Don Bosco Matunga who participated and the dedicated teachers who facilitated! We are happy for you and proud of working with you.
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