22 November, 2018

An overwhelming response to the MLP campaign
-Mrs. Lakshmi Krishna

The clarion call was sounded by the Greenline team and the school was quick to accept the challenge. Following a round of preliminaries preparing our response to this task, there was an appeal made by the student representative Master Aldon at a good morning talk on 15 Oct 2018. His talk catches the mood of the challenges ahead:
All that glitters is not gold.
My dear friends, we can definitely change that saying. We all have that Midas touch in us and all we need to do is to use it. Safai Bank organization and the Nature club are collecting all glitter waste to build roads, structures and other possibilities. Any wrappers having an aluminium foil or the inner side e.g. chips, chocolate wrappers etc need to be collected, washed, dried and deposited with the nature club members after the Diwali holidays. You will be surprised how your little efforts will create a big initiative.
This appeal was followed by a sustained campaign to help create a safe environment that included circulars by the Principal to the parents and reminders by the staff to the parents and other stakeholders. Before breaking for the Diwali vacation our students were asked to be engaged in this activity during the vacation with detailed instructions of the project given to them. The note to the students and parents read:
Our Nature Club and Science Research Team (in association with Greenline and Safai Bank), have taken up the project of collecting Multi Layered Packaging material (MLP). These are packaging materials of biscuits, chips, chocolate wrappers, tea packets etc, that have a shiny foil on them. They are non bio-degradable and are harming our land masses and water bodies.
We wish to do our bit for the environment. It will help if all of us can collectively promote this campaign. Here is what we need to do:
1. Collect the wrappers, wash clean and dry them.
2. Make bunches of 10, with a rubber band.
3. The nature club members will collect them.
4. There are exciting prizes for individual and class efforts.
“Collection starts from 19th November 2018.”
Your one step will go a long way in protecting our environment!
Following the Diwali break, on the first day of school, 19th November 2018, a collection was made in the classes by the nature club students, science research teams and the class teachers. The response to the Project MLP campaign was overwhelming. Our first day count had gone beyond 38,000. Our efforts do not stop here. The collection drive will continue during the weeks ahead.

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