19 November, 2018
School band performs at Hamleys’ parade-a first of its kind!
-Master Aditya Subramaniam Std.8 D

On 3rd Nov 2018, the Hamleys’ toy shop at Phoenix mall, Parel invited Don Bosco Matunga’s brass/marching band to perform on the occasion of their event ‘Hamleys grand parade’. The event started at 4.30 pm. The compere introduced the event which was going to happen to the vast enthusiastic gathering assembled at the venue. A few games were conducted for the kids present over there to warm them up for the thrilling program ahead. At around 4.45 pm the brass band of Don Bosco Matunga was called to perform their piece. The brass band consisted of saxophone, trumpet, drums and bass guitar. We played two songs and one drum solo. The boys didn’t disappoint-shouts of encore for the band and the band master Sir Saby Franco were reflection of an entertaining performance! Our marching band came in next. The audience was treated to a repertoire of sweet sounding music of flutes, drums and bugle. The show at Hamleys’ continued following the band performance. We, the band players dispersed having had a rich and satisfying experience.
Another feather in our cap!

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