16 October, 2018
Our School picnic
-Bhavik Khona (Std 7D)

On Wednesday, 10th Oct 2018 was our most awaited school picnic. The students of Stds 7 to 10 were to proceed to Imagica while Stds 5 and 6 were scheduled to visit Silent Resort, Manor. We were given instructions by our Principal prior to the picnic concerning the day’s schedule and activities. We assembled in the school at 7.45 am, and said our morning prayers together at 8 am. Then the students of every class proceeded to the bus awaiting them in the quadrangle that had turned into a mini bus stand for that morning. It was close to 9 am by the time the last of the 31 buses left the campus ferrying along 1500 students to their picnic destinations. We reached Imagica at 10:45 am, and the younger students of Stds 5 and 6 too reached their picnic spot around the same time. During the journey, we sang songs, and played games with our friends and teachers. Upon arrival at Imagica, we were welcomed by the mascots to the theme dance of Imagica. One could sense sheer ecstasy and happiness on everyone’s faces at the sight of the huge roller coaster close to the entrance of the park.
As soon as we had our breakfast, we were given some instructions. There were three sections of Imagica namely Aqua Imagica, Adlabs Imagica and Snow Imagica. We were allowed to play in the Adlabs Imagica section. I hurriedly scampered off to the different rides present in the amusement park. I sat in roller coasters which were fabulous; the atmosphere was electric. The haunted ‘Salimgarh’ ride was spooky as well as scary. It was so realistic, that I even thought that it was a real ghost. The roller coasters were so fast that one felt airborne with every passing moment.
Lunch was served at 1 pm. The food was delicious: we received some vouchers as well. Post lunch we continued with our rides, show, indoor games and spent some of our time in a restaurant that was built on a ship.
Before long, it was time to return home. While exiting the theme park, we assembled at the entrance and the teachers took our class count. We received a complimentary arranged by the picnic organizers-the Adventure group-a pouch with some pictures of the mascots on it, as a souvenir from Imagica. We boarded our bus at 4.45pm and it was close to 7.30 pm by the time the last bus reached Don Bosco Matunga. Our younger friends from Stds 5 and 6 had already dispersed having reached the school by 6.15 pm. Once on the campus, we waved each other goodbye having had a memorable and exciting outing with our classmates.