14 December, 2017


-Ms. Ranjitham Selvaraj

For the first time in Mumbai, Anti-litter day was celebrated on 12th December, 2017. Our school joined hands with the GreenLine team to initiate a campaign to spread awareness against negative effects of littering and develop a sense of responsibility in students as well as the public. This was done through a rally, clean up drive and encouraging the public around during the rally to sign a pledge.

The rally began with the students carrying placards from our school premises at 10.40 am and we returned to the school at 11.40 am. About 95 students participated in the rally and they encouraged around 180 people to sign the pledge.

The pledge stated as:

– Not to drop any litter on the floor

– Use a bin for my litter and if there is bin nearby, then hold on to it until I find a bin

– Not to throw litter out of our car windows

– Recycle my litter if possible – into a recycling bin or a compost bin

– Spread awareness and remind my friend and relative

And in return our student gave a thank you card to the people for pledging.

About 15 jumbo bags of litter were collected from the streets during the rally. During school hours the students of Std IX picked up the litter around every classroom.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our parents and the Matunga police authorities who were supportive till the end of the rally.

 “Hope to see an Anti-Litter Culture in our schools and society”

Teacher in-charge of the Rally:

Mrs. Lakshmi Krishna

Mr. Salunkhe Nehal

Miss. Ranjitham Selvaraj