15 October, 2017

Celebrate Green Diwali – Avoid Crackers, Celebrate Nature

-Ms. Richa Singh

As term one came to an end today (14th October,2017) the students of Don Bosco Primary prepared for the upcoming Diwali festival with a mini Diwali get together in their respective classrooms. The children brought along some mouth watering Diwali faral which they shared joyfully with their friends, teachers and all their caretakers in the school.  The kids truly lived up to the spirit of the festival with a bright and energetic outlook to all their chores and activities.  The teachers shared a few interesting stories with the children stating the reason behind the Diwali celebration. The students were also made aware of care for the environment by avoiding the bursting of crackers which leads to pollution in the air. Instead they were encouraged to share and care for the lesser privileged children thus lighting up their lives with their love.

Happy Diwali to all!

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