12 September

 ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor far away’

-Ms. Sandra Alphonso

Fruits are munificent gifts from nature.

To inculcate good eating habits the boys of Sr Kg celebrated “Fruit Day” on 1st September, 2017. The boys were asked to speak three sentences each on fruits and different aspects related to fruits – fruits grown on trees, creepers, underground, seasonal, dry fruits, preserved fruits, different items of fruits i.e. canned fruits, jam, squash etc, hygiene aspects, importance and consequences of not eating fruits. Thus the boys were given an opportunity for an exposure on a wide range and knowledge of fruits. The boys saw a variety of exotic fruits in class besides some imported fruits like dragon fruit, plums, kiwi, tangerine and avocado.

The teacher prepared fruit salad mixing all the fruits brought by the children in their snacks box. This encouraged and promoted their sharing habits. The fruits smelled luscious and inviting – sharpening their sense of ‘smell and touch’- and the boys were eager to eat them. The teacher gave them a glass of squash of custard apple and mango bar (aam papad) introducing indirectly the concept of preservation of fruits.

The boys were asked to perform different activities – to take a cut out of fruits and recite a poem on vitamins, draw picture of fruits they love to eat, and colour a basket of fruits in their activity class. The boys understood the importance of fruits and took with them the message ‘Eat fruits and stay healthy’.

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