24 August, 2017

 “Numbers speak for themselves.”

-Ms. Richa Singh


Numbers have long been associated with human civilizations and one cannot deny the fact that these simple numbers play a significant role in our everyday life. Here at DB Matunga, we too cultivate this love and importance for the subject of Mathematics (and numbers) by celebrating special days. One such day was the ‘Numbers Are Important Day’ on 18th August,2017 celebrated by the students of Std III.

The day began with an intriguing discussion on the relevance of numbers in our day to day life. Children watched an interesting cartoon video named Donald in Mathmagic Land, which brought to their attention that music instruments, art, and every other thing be it an object or a celestial body are all based on the golden ratio in Maths proposed by the famous mathematician Pythagoras. The video on multiplication helped the learners eliminate the fear of multiplication tables; as they were now given a way to remember it on their fingertips with the help of just ten little fingers of their hands.

The day created an apt environment for the kids to develop an interest in Maths as an academic subject and avoid mental blocks of the subject. The teachers helped the children solve interesting number puzzles, number crosswords, drawing animal sketches from a number, etc. The children thoroughly enjoyed solving the mind boggling number worksheets prepared for them.

The day ended with children taking back home some tricks which they could apply when dealing with numbers.

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