6 August, 2017

Demonstration on Electromagnetism

– Ms.Barkha Shah


A visit to Nehru Planetarium to attend a lecture demonstration programme on Electricity and Magnetism was planned for the members of Science Club on Saturday, 5th Aug 2017.The session was attended by 10 students of 9th standard accompanied by Ms. Barkha.

The resource persons were Ms.Bhagyshree (MSc.Physics), Ms.Kalyani (Electronics and communication Engineer), Ms.Karishma ( Master in Astrophysics ). They explanied various topics of physics like static electricity, electromagnetic induction, Magnetic levitation, Magnetic field, Ohm’s law etc. through exciting demonstrations using self made experimental apparatus.

The demonstrations with working models helped the participants to get a clear understanding of the two interconnected topics. As the budding scientists answered their challenging questions with zest, we were able to see young Faradays, Newtons and Edisons in them. The session left the students with increased love and interest for science.

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