2 July, 2017

Maths Seminar – Teaching Maths creatively

-Ms. Shahnaaz, Ms. Angel, Ms. Janet 

A creative Maths seminar was conducted for the staff of DBIS where three of our teachers were participants too. It was conducted by the experienced Mr. M. D’Costa.  The seminar was about the goals to be achieved in the classroom. The goals included encouraging students, reducing stress in Maths and exploring ideas. Mr. D’Costa emphasized that it is important that every teacher gives a classic lesson at least once in a week or at least one in a fortnight.

The seminar introduced the skill of ‘Learning by Inquiry’. This skill involves the following:

Problem statement

  • Data collection
  • Analyse
  • Conclusion

Activities such as models and riddles, Concepts like known to unknown, real life examples, diagrams, demos, games and collection of ideas should be involved in the class. These encourage divergent thinking and active participation in classroom.

During the workshop the teachers were engaged in activities and a demonstration was given by the resource person on the chapter related to ‘Fraction’.

It was an enriching experience for the Maths teachers and a sure way to make Maths creative in the classroom!