26 June, 2017

PTA General Body meeting – Secondary and Primary sections

-Ms. Valenka Fernandes

The Parent Teacher Association Meeting for the Secondary section and the Primary section commenced from the 20th June 2017. The following was the schedule for the meetings in the undercroft at 7.45 am.

20th June 2017- Std IX & X

21st June 2017- Std VII &VIII

23rd June 2017- Std V & VI

24th June 2017 – Std III & IV

24th June 2017 – Std I & II (9.30 am)

The PTA General body meetings were occasions for inputs, interactions and election of class representatives for the PTA executive body meetings.  The Principal, Fr. Bernard Fernandes, addressed the parents on issues relating to the running of the school and welfare of the children. Fr. Bernard took this opportunity to introduce and welcome the new Rector, Fr. Crispino D’Souza, the members of the management and the staff to the assembly of parents.  Additional inputs on the design of curriculum in English and Science were given by Ms. Susan Philip and Ms. Anita Philip. The parents thereafter met in the classrooms for further instructions from the teachers and for the election of their representatives in the academic year 2017-18.