25 August, 2019
‘5 Rupya’ screening at the Global cinema festival at Siliguri

Master Yohaan Panjuani is back in the news for his role in the film ‘5 Rupya’. This time around it’s because of the immense recognition that the film has received at its screening during the Global film festival at Siliguri from 22nd to 24th of Aug 2019. Master was invited as a special delegate to represent this film at afore mentioned festival. The invitation to Piyush Panjuani the producer read, ‘The screening would be quite incomplete without the presence of the young moppet of goodness personified by Yohaan besides his screen grandmother and you.’

We take great pride in Yohaan and his recognition at such a young age. With his God given talents may he along with his mentors be enriched with pearls of wisdom and knowledge to help create a strong society with lasting values. Congratulations yet again to the producer Piyush Panjuani and the team!

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