2020 – A YEAR TO BE FORGOTTEN OR REMEMBERED?- Second Day of the Christmas Panorama
-Mrs. Susan Philip

“Christmas 2020 is a different Christmas, because of the pandemic, and if there is one takeaway from the pandemic, that is to get used to being different,” observed Fr. Crispino D’Souza , the Rector of the school in his Christmas message. ‘Different’ was the hallmark of some of the events as they were presented online.
The sixteen shortlisted Bosco King contenders took up the challenge to vie for the coveted crown differently and be pronounced ‘The King of the Boscoites’, as Mrs Shirley Nazareth one of the judges put it.
The aspirants upended the popular notion of a catwalk, as walking tracks below flyovers , paverblock sidewalks, stairway and school corridors, the humble glazed mosaic tiled terraces , polished floors of homes, doubled up as ramps and they strutted with confidence in their informal attire ’the school uniform’. Mrs. Lakshmi Krishna, one of teachers who organized the contest announced, “It had to be special, it had to be unique, it had to be in our school uniform- an attire waiting to be worn for the past eight months.” The contestants believed that the pandemic imposed lockdown when they spent seven months of their crucial year at home, turned out to be a learning moment. Monique Shah said, “I have learnt that we can do without many things in life, but school is not one of them. Keagan Fernandes was reflective when he said, “I have realized life can flip and turn at any moment. I have learnt how to handle my study time, family time and boredom.” Tanil Sheth admitted, “I am wary of the virus, but in wonder of technology, I have learnt to work hard not only to excel in academics but also to win a video game.”
In the formal wear round, the contestants walked the ramp from the confines of their home. Rael Padamsee, theatre personality and one of the judges of the contest gushed, “I am from the creative field. It was a thrilling experience to see that fashion has been given equal importance, as what is fashion if not an artistic and creative expression?” The contest comprised six rounds.
The question posed to the last five finalists was: ‘Is 2020 a year to be forgotten or remembered? Explain.’ All the five finalists were in accordance to the viewpoint that it was a historic year to be remembered. Hriday Sangoi one of the finalists said, “I missed the live audience the most at the online Bosco contest. Parents and friends watch us live, cheer and boost our morale. A Bosco King contest without live audience is like pizza without cheese.”
The second day of the Christmas Panorama witnessed the Band as they played some Christmas carols There were inter class dance competitions for Stds. IX and X.

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