A Virtual Field Trip to the Sugar Factory- Std VII
-Ms. Sydelle Mascarenhas

A Field Trip connects students to the real world and thus provides real-world experiences. Such an experience was provided to the students of Std 7 via a virtual field trip on Thursday, 28th January, 2021. The students were taken virtually to the Sugar Factory. Prior preparations were done to plan and organize the field trip for the students.
This year has the students learning about Agriculture and the types of farming and the teachers decided to select various topics on the Agro-based Industries in India and the Sugar Mill at Tamil Nadu. The boys were informed about the field trip and instructions were given to them in the Social Studies Meet classes and also communicated on their class WhatsApp group. The new students to the school admitted this scholastic year were eager to know about the field trip as this was their first field trip in the school.
On the day of the field trip a meet link was relayed by the teachers to the students who joined the meet on time. At the start of the day’s session, the teachers and boys invoked God’s blessings through the morning prayers.
A video presentation along with the video of the Sugar Factory was shown to the students. Through the self-explanatory power point presentation, the boys learnt the definition, importance of a field visit, introduction to sugar, the production, sources of sugar, manufacturing process and the by-products of sugar. With the aid of the Map of India and the World Map the students were shown the states and countries that were the largest producer, consumer and the exporter of sugar. All t his time, the students also noted down points that could help them to write the report at the end of the session.
The video of the Sugar Processing Mill at Tamil Nadu provided a detailed explanation from the collection of the sugar cane from the farms to the processing, supplying and distribution of sugar to the consumers.
After the virtual tour to the Sugar Factory, the teachers and the boys shared their views on the consumption of sugar.
The teachers explained the format of report writing and the boys were given certain points to write the report. Once the report was completed, the boys scanned a copy and uploaded in the Google Classroom as part of their assessment process.
The virtual field trip was an enriching one. The boys had a wonderful experience and thanked their teachers for conducting the virtual field trip for them. The field trip made the children understand the importance of sugar and its present demand in society. It is a need more than a want in our society.

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