3 May,2019
16th Summer camp at Don Bosco Matunga
-Mr. Barrington Serrao

The end of an academic year and the beginning of the summer vacation is an opportune time for the children to hone their skills at sport, art and music. Here at Don Bosco, Matunga the professionally maintained vast grounds and the open spaces are best utilized with a plethora of activities that include the summer camps-School as well as open category. The first of these camps began on 8th April and extended up to 27th April. The second open summer camp began on 2nd May 2019 and will end in the last week of May.
At the first two camps, there was an enthusiastic participation of 478 students at the Open camp and 891 boys at the school camp. The disciplines included Football, Skating, Basketball, Athletics, Gymnastics, Chess, Dance, Hockey, Hand Writing, Cricket, Music, Speech & Drama, Lawn-Tennis, Drawing & Painting, Fencing, Abacus and Calligraphy. The popular sport football attracted the maximum number of entries.
The happening campus at this time was a sight to behold. Children lugging their sports equipment trooped in with their parents as early as seven in the morning while the last ones left post sunset. The time duration of the camp, though short, provided moments for intense sessions of warm-ups, drills, coaching and games. For the school students, the camp ended with instructions from the Vice-Principal and Director of Sports in the school, Fr. Roy Noronha, and vote of thanks by the Principal Fr. Bernard Fernandes. Fr. Bernard thanked the coaches for their dedicate service during the days of the camp. Special mention was made of Fr. Roy who would be leaving us this year to take up his new responsibility at Don Bosco, Kurla, for his unstinted and passionate support to the sports program in the school.

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