‘Your Present situation is not the final destination, the best is yet to come’- 7 A Class assembly
-Ms. Deepa Nathani

The students and the class teacher of class 7A along with associate teacher Ms. Arnaaz got a wonderful opportunity to conduct a virtual class assembly on the lovely morning of 15 December 2020.

The assembly began at 9 am in the presence of Rector Fr. Crispino D’Souza, Vice-Principal Sir Cliff Richard D’souza and Supervisor Ms. Anita Philip. The class began their assembly with the morning prayers and a peaceful and relaxing meditation by Ms.Deepa. The comperes Mohamed Ali Shaikh and Om Mojar continued with the proceedings of the assembly with the motivational and interesting poem Oak Tree presented by Master Om Mojar.

Thereafter the story voice-over by Shree Darban and Pace Nagavekar provided a complete glance at the theme which chosen by the class. It continued with a virtual conversation between teenagers which was uploaded on social media by Dhruvil, Marcus and Siddharth. The dance prepared by the students couldn’t be played due to some network issue. The two video songs which were presented by singers of 7A were commendable. A wonderful PowerPoint presentation by Master Lakshya Kishore provided deep insights into the assembly.

Our Rector Fr. Crispino D’souza gave us a wonderful message of spreading joy and happiness following this assembly. Our Vice-Principal Sir Cliff Richard D’souza congratulated us on a wonderful assembly.

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