Online meetings and review sessions with parents
-Mrs. Shanaaz Abbas and Ms. Yugandhara Kaskar

The last two weeks of the month of July 2020 presented an opportunity for the school to conduct online meetings with the parents of each class to review the progress made with the new online teaching-learning platform. With over a month of online teaching and remote learning, it was required that a review session be conducted with the parents to keep them abreast of the developments in this mode of education prompted by the ongoing Covid pandemic crisis.
The three sections of the school-Kg, Primary and Secondary-scheduled online meetings of parents of each class with the class teacher, Vice-Principal, AHM, Head teacher, Supervisors and associate teachers. Every meeting began with the customary words of welcome and an opening prayer seeking the blessings of the Almighty for an effective collaboration between the different stakeholders of the school for the benefit of the students.
The agenda of the meeting centred on the communication of the important aspects of the online teaching, the do’s and don’ts and a review or feedback from the parents on the online teaching thus far. For most of the meetings, a feedback from the parents was procured prior to the meeting so that these could be reviewed and addressed objectively by the staff. The points of discussion and communication included attendance, network connectivity issues, discipline, netiquette, assignments, completion of work in detail and activities planned. The class teachers spoke about the parent`s role in the entire process of online education which calls for vigilance, regular checks for completion of work and submission by their children and ensuring a balanced time schedule for the child for his mental and social well being. The parents were remind that in the forthcoming months of online class they will play a pivotal role in their child’s academic progress. Mention was also made of the preparations made by the teachers during the month of May, 2020 for the online classes besides the ongoing preparations to create effective resources for these classes.
The efforts taken by the school were appreciated and lauded by the parents and offered their support and collaboration during these challenging period.

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