-Mrs Perpetual Nazareth

The second online class assembly of the scholastic year was smartly conducted by the students of Std 10 B under the guidance of their class teacher Mrs. Perpetual Nazareth. The assembly focused on the school theme for this scholastic year “Committed Citizens Rebuilding a fragile world.” The opening prayer was a beautiful and inspiring song ‘A little peace’ recorded and sung by Mrs. Perpetual. The script included a video clip of the class students’ lockdown activities that kept them positive and focused. The commentary for the video read: “Undoubtedly, there are terrible things happening to people’s health, their lives, and to the economy caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. But with a spirit of gratitude of the several-months-long lockdown, we now present before you the different activities that the students of XB continued doing in the confines of their homes during the lockdown.”
The song ‘Better to be kind than to be right’ was integrated into the script. It was sung online by Benheur Braganza, Stanwin Fernandes and Nathan Barretto. The commentary to the song echoed the sentiments therein: “We’ve all realized that the (pandemic) situation calls for ‘social distancing’, not ’emotional distancing’ We’ve become more aware of our emotional needs, we’re understanding people better and we’re bonding with each other like never before. This is the time to be kind rather than right.”
A special unexpected surprise, in the form of a live dance by the entire class, inviting the members of the management to join in did put a smile on everyone’s face which lingered on long after the assembly was over.
A special word of thanks to the technical experts of the class, who untiringly supported their class teacher and made sure there were no technical glitches, which was appreciated by all the members of the management who witnessed the assembly. As Principal Fr.Bernard Fernandes rightly said that during these times of online teaching, the teachers have valued their collaboration with and contribution by the students who volunteer willingly to help them with technological aids to facilitate teaching.
It was a well planned, thoughtfully co-ordinated and aptly executed assembly by the students of 10B in the last year of their school.

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