30 July, 2020
Navigating the new normal
-Mrs. Lakshmi Krishna and Ms. Arnaaz Nariman

The current Covid pandemic situation has generated varied challenges for different individuals-the teachers, students, teenage kids, people in relationships, senior citizens etc. Many webinars are on to address the growing need for people to confront these issues. Don Bosco, Prafulta conducted a similar webinar titled-Navigating the new normal. It was conducted on 25th July 2020 to learn a few emotional and mental health strategies to stay emotionally fit with a view to reach individuals of all of the above mentioned categories.
The experts in the panel were Fr. Ajoy Fernandes, Dr. Fabian Almeida, Ms. Divya Nair, Mrs. Srilata Srikant and Dr.Payal Ubale.
Besides our counsellors Ms. Arnaaz, Ms. Radha and Ms. Sonia, there were other staff members who registered for the webinar-Ms. Elizabeth, Ms. Reshma, Ms. Anita, Ms. Rosemarie and Ms. Lakshmi.
All the experts were very patient and shared their valuable insights with us. Some important points were
Try not to control everything
Remain connected with family and friends
Do what makes you feel comfortable
Avoid negative thoughts.
Avoid mind traps and binge habits
Accept and cope rather than condemn and mope
Take care of the needs of older individuals as they go through their own struggles
Have a balanced approach to everything
Call, Connect, communicate.
These and many meaningful thoughts on some behaviour changes and acceptance of the circumstances were shared by the experienced experts. The audience definitely had an amazing and enriching experience.

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