27 July, 2020
Sustainability and me-Greenline:Orientation program
-Ms. Yugandhara Kaskar

On the 25th of July, the orientation program of the green school campaign in association with Green Line for the year 2020-21 was conducted online via Google meet. Teachers from all schools who work under the green school campaign were invited for this inaugural session.
The teachers were warmly welcomed by Ms. Monalisa . She spoke about the green school campaign entering its eleventh year. She introduced all the representatives of Green line, present for the meet. She then initiated the orientation by playing a video on sustainability and its importance. The video gave a brief description of how we are completely dependent on the nature for our basic as well as luxurious needs.
Father Chris Valentino, Director of Green Line campaign then spoke about the theme in detail and also gave the overview of this year’s campaign. He emphasized on sustainability, mitigating climate change and conservation of biodiversity. He asked some important questions like, how can we work towards sustainable movement and are we willing to educate our children. He mentioned about sustainability development goals. He encouraged everyone to sincerely work towards contributing in conservation of our biodiversity.
The Greenline team had also invited guest speaker, Miss Lalita Ashtekar, an environmentalist for the meeting. She spoke about biodiversity in and around her area. And how urbanization, garbage being dumped, plastic waste being thrown in water bodies, illegal mining of sand, etc have been affecting the biodiversity.
In the second half of the orientation, Miss Prakriti briefed us on the sessions and tasks that were to be conducted throughout the scholastic year under the green school campaign. She briefed the participants on the procedures to follow the tasks and the criteria on which the schools will be judged. This year the green schools campaign will be focusing on climate change, sustainability, food security and biodiversity conservation.
The session concluded with the Green line members answering to the queries and a vote of thanks by Miss Monalisa and Miss Prakriti to their team, Miss Lalita Ashtekar and the teachers who attended the session.

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