12 March, 2020
JR KG children celebrates their first cultural day
-Mrs. Rochelle D’ Souza

We are the world, we are the children, we are the ones who make a brighter day, so let’s see it on our first Cultural Day!
The boys of the Jr KG celebrated their first Cultural Day with great eclat and splendor on 7th March 2020 in the Bianchi Hall. The theme was “Journeying Towards Holiness”. Great excitement and hurried activities were visible all around as preparations took a hectic pace. The staircase that led to the hall was bedecked with posters, pictures, forest decor and floral decorations conveying the message of the day – Send them to school, Let me grow and we are Indians. The hall entrance was embellished with floral decorations and a mini jungle with animals on the side.
The comperes ushered the distinguished assembly of guest our Rector Fr.Crispino D’ souza, our Principal Fr. Bernard Fernandes, Vice Principal Sir Cliff Richard D’ Souza, Primary Head teacher Mrs. Griselda Fernandes and the KG Supervisor Mrs. Shoba D’Souza into the hall. Thereafter the whole audience comprising of parents and Management were led into Prayer seeking divine blessings. After a formal welcome by the comperes, the parents draped in traditional attire welcomed the guests in the customary Indian style by performing “Arati” and placing a shawl on their shoulders as a mark of respect to honour the guests. The compere then welcomed the audience through the welcome speech and then the boys sang a melodious welcome song holding featured words and pictures to make it more effective and meaningful. The boys then thanked God for everything through the Prayer dance. Our Rector Fr. Crispino D’souza appreciated the parents for their enthusiasm, lending a helping hand and presence during the preparation for the Cultural day. He also encouraged their presence and participation in the journey of their children throughout their life.
The program unfolded with the skits presented by each class – Journeying toward educating all, saving the environment and making a better India. An accessible and affordable education promotes a better and fruitful life; saving the environment is the need of the hour when we are called to respect the divine gifts of resources; and protecting and nurturing peace to build a better India. Each skit provided a succinct and clear message and the young children are the best messengers to spread global awareness on social issues. The beautiful enactment by the boys left a deep impact on the audience.
The children dressed in colourful costumes swayed to the beat of the music after each skit. Each dance was alluring and flawless that added charm to the function. Through the finale song “We are the world.” the boys urged the parent to make a choice to live a better life. The venue reverberated with thunderous applause, gleaming faces and an exchange of appreciative nods.
Our Principal Fr.Bernard Fernandes was superlative in his praises for the staff and the children for an outstanding and well-synchronized program. He also expressed his gratitude to each and every staff member and the parents who worked behind the scenes. The comperes then proposed the vote of thanks to express gratitude to each one that made the program a success. The boys bid farewell to the audience through a beautiful melodious Farewell song.
The exhilarating show was an unforgettable experience and left a lasting impression on the minds of everyone present. “Our children shine because you all illuminate them,” said Deneb Jace’s mother complementing the staff for such a beautiful cultural day. The show-stealer was the Women’s Day wish planned for all the women in the audience. This brought the closure to the cultural day complete with laughter and merriment.

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