17 February, 2020
A Rainbow of Faith, Talents and Promises Engulfs the Don Bosco Sky
-Ms. Susan Philip

Dr. Ram Chaddha, an illustrious alumnus of the school and the chief guest for the second day of the Annual Thanksgiving Day held on February 8, 2020, in his rousing address to the gathering especially the young Boscoites, expounded on the D factor needed to achieve something in life: Dream, Desire, Design, Discipline, Dare (which is the biggest D and a distinct trait of a Boscoite), Do it, Deliver and then Let go. Lastly add D to go and let God lead you in your path. This D factor was reflected in Noah, the protagonist of the musical staged, as he desired to fulfill the dream of building the ark designed by God, exhibited daring in the face of opposition, built it, delivered and let God be in control .
The musical Noah, was staged by a mammoth ensemble cast. Noah, having found favour with God for his righteous conduct, was commissioned by God to build an ark to save himself, his family and male and female specimens of all the world’s species of animals. The ark was a refuge from the cataclysmic flood that would ravage the rest of the world. The journey of the lifeboat that transformed into a floating zoo was punctuated with songs and dances that captured the gravitas of the motif such as ‘faith, trust and a promise.’ There were also breezy numbers such as Grumpy , the Elephants are coming and The Animal Alphabet,” rendered by the cast and the choir.
The cast and choir sporting period costumes, that reflected Jewish traditions, the structure of the ark as a setting, the march of the animals in pairs as they entered the ark were some of the wow factors of the show. The rogue wave that swathed the stage in blue and engulfed the adversaries and the finale as the cast sang in concert, ‘There’s a rainbow in the sky,’ earned shout outs from the audience.
The retiring staff was felicitated at the Annual Thanksgiving Day, for their years of selfless service to the institution. The management read out excerpts from the formal addresses to Mr. Cliff Richard D’Souza, the newly appointed Vice Principal, Mrs. Lynette Remedios, Mrs. Blanche D’Souza, Mrs. Coleen Azavedo and Mr. Francis Mascarenhas, the support staff. Fr.Crispino D’Souza, the Rector extolled the attributes of Dr. Ram Chaddha. He reminisced the 2017 Annual day when Dr. Ram graced the occasion clad in his school shorts and shirt without inhibitions, as the school went down memory lane to trace its humble beginnings and celebrate its silver jubilee. Fr. Jesudasan and Fr. Richard, the guests of honour for the day, were also felicitated. They came from the Don Bosco centres of Srilanka and Ahmednagar, as they were the beneficiaries of the largesse bestowed by the school.
The exhaustive annual report of the school was a testament to the fact that Don Bosco had achieved much as an institution.
The boys in red enthralled the audience with the brass band as they exhibited their prodigious talents. They belted out a melange of music compositions, ranging from Katyusha, a Russian piece to Spanish Flea, a Latin jazz music and Super Instinct by L. Subramaniam, as their band master, Mr. Saby Franco wielded the baton.
The students of the primary school and kindergarten staged their very own musical ‘Change’ for the first time. The young ones transformed into green crusaders as they addressed concerns arising from existential challenges posed by climate change. They conveyed an urgency and opportunity to act.
At the curtain call, the principal Fr. Bernard Fernandes expressed his gratitude to the Don Bosco family responsible for staging the mega production. He acknowledged the supernal talents of the students and called them the stars of the evening. Mr. Avit Dias, the director and choreographer, who has been associated with the school for the past nineteen years was singled out for the magnificent direction and creativity. Kushal Kandhar, a Std IX student in the year 2003, after the staging of the musical Grease 2 summed up the director’s signature style: “Sir Avit’s singular dancing skills coupled with humility is what makes him more than a choreographer- a true star. His unique ability of raising naive actors to the echelon of professionals, yet hiding in an undisclosed corner when called on stage, is what makes him an exemplar to the students and onlookers”.
At the end of yet another Annual Thanksgiving day we are grateful for the many blessings and opportunities to scale the heights of success and excellence with grace and finesse.

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