12 December, 2019
From NCSC State 2019 to NCSC National 2019
– Master Geoffrey Nadar 8D

As our journey as a research team progressed from the districts to the advent of the states, we made major upgradations to our project: Phytoremediation Potential of E.crassipes for the treatment of wastewater for a clean, green and a healthy environment. We have made a biogas digester and have visited a CETP (Common Effluent Treatment Plant). The visit was highly informative, we understood in detail about how major water treatment plants clean their effluent water. I give my gratitude to Mr. Sudhir Pawar from Aquatech Enterprises, Ambernath for being our tour guide and explaining to us about each stage of the treatment process. After the tour we expounded our project to him and had an educational discussion regarding the same. Ideas were exchanged throughout the trip.
Our upgradation was stunted due to the limited amount of time (only 3 days) but we had faith in our idea. With our upgradation ready, preparations began. The project book, log book and script were written. Meanwhile charts were being prepared. For the chart preparation I would like to give my thanks to our colleagues Ayaan Shaikh, Ayaan Kasmani and Shubham Sawant. The art team met on Thursday, the 5th and worked for almost 6 hours straight. Zaid Kazi from 8th A had also helped. Our success would not have been possible without their industrious attitude.
After a profusion of work we packed and began our trip to Samarth Group of Institutions College of Engineering, Belhe on December the 6th with our guide teacher, Ms. Barkha Shah. We were to travel by bus for 6 hours. The people in-charge showed great hospitality. The morrow, we had our first round of presentation. Projects from various backgrounds such as the Marathi speaking community and tribal communities were also present. In the evening, the poster presentation was held. All projects were to participate in a science exhibition. People from other districts would visit us and we explained our project to everyone who came. Similarly, we visited other projects and learned in plenty.
The next day the second round was held. The results were not announced, but all were called in the hall and projects selected were given a chance for presentation. Fortunately, we were selected for the second round. We presented for an audience which consisted of approximately 60 students with their guide teachers and 4 judges. All the results were announced the same day. From 302 projects only 84 were selected for state and from 84 only 30 were passed for nationals. (Cumulative of Lower and Upper groups).
We have worked to the bone and it is due to this we have passed to nationals. Without teamwork, co-ordination and extreme diligence we would have never have reached to this level. Our entire team has given sweat and blood for this project. And so, after achieving such a feat, I would like to thank all my team mates; Atharva Gajakosh, Hrishikesh Nayak, Paursuh Kerawala and Jaiden Salvi.
NCSC taught us that science is not only about studying, but having a childlike curiosity. And such child-like curiosity founds the work of extravagant complexity and maturity. And that is a value that we have taken away from the experience.

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