19 November, 2019
Phytoremediation group makes it to the State level of NCSC 2019
-Mast. Geoffrey Nadar 8D

Science is the art of discovering the unknown and opening new possibilities. It is curiosity that keeps the pioneer of civilization alive. In today’s lifestyle, curiosity is discouraged or even ridiculed. An important truth which was not lost to the National Children’s Science Congress. By giving an opportunity for ideas to come forward, they are encouraging more young scientists to find people inside them they never met. They announce that our education system needs repair and through freedom and exposure, students will learn more than the usual system we follow today.
Such philosophy is followed by the NCSC competitions which have 3 levels: District, State and Nationals. Three of our research teams had made it to the pre-district level. The elimination at the pre-district level took place on 16th Nov 2019 morning while the district level competition was held in the evening at Shree Amulakh Amichand Bhimji Vividhlakshi Vidyalaya, Matunga.
At the pre-district level our three Bosco teams made their presentation of the projects:
Oligodynamic effect of metals in combating pathogens in drinking water.
Phytoremediation potential of Eichhornia crassipes in waste water treatment.
Managing E-waste by collecting recycling waste for clean and green environment
Master Atharva Gajakosh (8 A and Geoffrey Nadar (8 D), Kyle Rozario (8 D) and SachinSubbahiah (9 C), AyaanShaikh (6 D) and Alan (6 D) presented their respective projects to the best of their abilities. The experience was exhilarating. The exposure to different people and their opinions and views on science and technology had a tremendous impact on the lenses through which we see science in general. Professional inputs were given to us by the judges, inputs which are going to aid us in our journey of winning the nationals trophy for the school.
From more than a hundred projects only 24 were selected, 12 in each category. And from the teams that represented the school, the ‘phytoremediation’ group did the school proud by qualifying for the State level competition. The members of this Junior group are Atharva, Geoffrey, Hrishikesh, Paurush and Jayden.
The NCSC provides everyone to express their ideas and learn in plenty. Now we prepare for the State rounds in December.
We thank our Principal Fr. Bernard Fernandes for supporting us in our research, Miss Barkha Shah for guiding us and Miss Analisa for accompanying us to the event.

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