8 November, 2019
Diwali is the festival of joy, light and splendour
-Mrs. Sandra Alphonso

Diwali is a beautiful festival that is dubbed the ‘festival of light’ because it illuminates the whole atmosphere and our lives. The purpose of Diwali is to spread light and brush away our ‘inner darkness’ or ‘ignorance.’ The kingdom of Ayodhya was decorated and well lit to welcome their King Ram after his return from exile.
A mini Ayodhya was setup in the Pre-primary section where all the classes were decorated with diyas, lantern, rangoli and lights to celebrate Diwali party on 19th October,2019.
Some children were dressed in their traditional clothes while some dressed in their party clothes. The teacher narrated to them the story of Diwali and how it is celebrated by our Hindu brothers and sisters. The children were instructed about the safety aspects like bursting crackers in the presence of elders. Bursting crackers is what has become a quintessential feature of the festival. The teacher spoke about Green Diwali that includes the use of fire crackers that do not cause noise pollution and cause minimal air pollution. Children then played games organised by their teachers like bombing the Diwali symbols, passing the diya and so on. The winners received prizes.
The boys shared Diwali sweets which they carried in their snack box with their peers, staff and helpers. Children are said to be a power house of energy when it comes to dancing on the beat of their favourite Bollywood songs. The children exhibited their dancing feet making it vibrant and a joyous occasion for all.
As it is a beautiful Indian tradition to light diyas, the boys in their Activity classes painted diyas with their little tiny innocent fingers. Lanterns that are hung outside the house of every Hindu family symbolize the wish for a bright future. The children were given a colourful lantern as a take away for Diwali. They left for their Diwali vacation with zest to celebrate an environmentally safe and meaningful Diwali.

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