27 September, 2019
Std VIII Field Trip to Nehru Planetarium

-Mrs. Bindu Keny

It is said that learning is not attained by chance but must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence. Students of Std. VIII came together with the aim of learning and exploring outside the classroom. They assembled in the school undercroft at 8:30 am on Thursday 27th September 2019. After attendance by respective class teachers, Ms. Sydelle Mascarenhas led everyone into prayer.

By 9:15 am all buses started moving towards the destination with students all excited about the first chance to be out together as a class. We reached the venue by 10:00 am. The massive SHADOWDIAL outside the premises of Nehru Planetarium welcomed us with its beautiful appearance. It triggered our curiosity about its interior and functioning.

Students were directed to view a presentation on our SOLAR SYSTEM without delay. This 30 minutes session engaged the students with rapt attention as Mr. Jatin informed them about the specific details of the visibility of planets in the sky with unaided eye. The energy production in the sun and the absence of twilight on the moon were interesting facts. A brief movie titled ROVER was screened which explained the launching of vehicles on planets like Mars.

We eagerly walked class by class to the Sky theatre. There seated comfortably under the canopy of stars in complete darkness we were informed about the various constellations, galaxies, birth and death of stars. We felt like we were a part of the cruise as members of the spaceship CHANDRAGUPTA which was on an exciting adventure. Its mission was to explore the planets in the vicinity of the Epsilon star and in search of life. With this thrilling impression internalised, we began our return journey by 12:00 pm and reached school after one hour.

Under the firm and loving guidance of the Supervisor, Ms.Elizabeth Soares, the team of teachers Ms.Sydelle, Ms.Yugandhara, Ms.Bindu, Ms.Gracy, Ms.Hemangi and Ms.Vandana assisted by Ms.Arnaaz, Sir Sherone and Ms.Barkha feel pleased to have successfully managed the field trip with gratitude to the management for this educational opportunity provided.

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