17 August, 2016

-Gautam Oberoi  IX C & inputs by Atharva Chirmade  IX B

RetreatSTD9-11Aug-03 (1) RetreatSTD9-11Aug-06

The Retreat for the Non Catholic  students  of Std IX was held on August 11, and was animated by Fr. Shekar Mariadas. The retreat began with the question posed by Fr. Shekar: What is a retreat? He received a quick  reply: A retreat is a time when you learn morals. Fr. Shekar observed that it was one of the ways of putting it .The students watched inspirational videos titled  ‘Ways of life’ and the ‘Jar of life’. These topics dealt with how to be a good sport not only on the playing fields but also in real life.  It also conveyed how to be successful in life by filling our jars with important people like our family and also life goals. He interacted with the students as they shared what they wanted to achieve in life and a small plan for it. Samay Shetty of IX C said,” I learnt how to set a goal for myself and progress in life.”  Aavesh Khan said,” I have understood the importance of having a scientific outlook in life and being a good sportsman.”

Fr. Brian Moras was the other resource person who animated another batch of Std IX students. Students had the opportunity to watch a series of inspirational videos and reflect on it. They watched a random act of kindness, triggering a ripple effect or a chain reaction among some people. Students came up   with some spontaneous titles for the film: What goes around, comes around; Kindness keeps the world afloat; The Help chain. Fr. Brian pitched in with ‘as you sow, so shall you reap.’ He observed that kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see.

The students got to view some famous failures. They watched in amazement as famous names appeared before them: Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb; Walt Disney, the creator of Micky Mouse; Lionel Messi, five times FIFA world  player of the year. The students were given handouts to reflect on how to cope with failures. Fr. Brian also dealt with topics related to respect   for the girl child and women. Students watched clippings from the movies ‘3 Idiots’ and ‘Lakshya’, and  discussed how to make informed career choices  without succumbing to parental pressures.

There were takeaways from diverse celebrities too: Amitabh Bachchan who has proved that 58 is not the official age of retirement. Sanjeev Kapoor –Women are not the only ones who can cook; Shahrukh Khan proved that one need not be an actor’s son to become an actor.


Accepting mistakes, taking risks, loving and accepting oneself, being confident and  setting goals are some of the rules to live by, opined Fr. Brian.