29 August, 2016

By Mrs. Bindu Keny

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Don Bosco Matunga’s talent fest provided a unique platform for exploring a plethora of individual talent and areas of interest. Apart from the Debates, Elocution, the Readathon, Spelling Bee, Poster Making, Vocals and the Unique Talent Search that add up to our usual suspects, the Science-Maths Fair- comprising activities and models, inclusive of a segment dedicated to nature- constituted the versatile spectrum of this year’s Utsav.
The Elocution, based on ‘Science is a threat to nature’, ‘E-Learning is the best way to learn’, ‘Will robots replace human beings’ to list a few topics, along with the Science quiz, provided our scientifically inclined students fertile ground for stimulating the grey cells.
The focal point of the fair, debating on ‘Science beyond borders is the need of time,’ found expressions through the voices of our eloquent speakers. It was a delight to hear about the benefits of science and the problems caused by technological progress critically and analytically, collectively opined our Science teachers.

On a lighter note, the vocals being conducted over the intercom permitted the students to enjoy the singing and hum along to their favourites from the comfort of their classrooms.

Full credit to the Student Council for helping coordinate the many activities at different venues smoothly and efficiently!