30 July, 2020
Ms. Sonia Kasare

Music is a piece of art that goes through the ears straight to the heart.
Music is therapy. Music moves people and connects them in ways that no other medium can. It ignites all areas of child development. Through music, children learn to express their ideas, thoughts and feelings. Considering the immense benefits of music for child development and being the top-level trendsetting school that it is, global pandemic notwithstanding, the Primary Section of Don Bosco High School, Matunga, went right ahead and organized a virtual singing competition for the students of Std III and Std IV.
With a lot of enthusiasm, the children gave in their entries and the first round of eliminations was held on 18th July 2020 for Std IV and 20th July for Std III. The second round of eliminations was held on 21st July 2020 and yielded six finalists from each standard for the competition which was held on 28th July 2020 at 4 pm on the Google Meet platform.
The judges for the competition were Sr. Fiona Carneiro, Fr. Cleophas Braganza and Mr. Lionel D’Souza. The melodious singing of the children showcased a sense of pride and self-confidence and tugged the heart strings of the audience. The confidence displayed by the children made a deep impact on the judges. After the competition, the judges shared their views about their love for music and also went on to perform for the audience. Fr. Cleophas Braganza had a power point presentation on how to improve one’s music skills while Mr. Lionel Dsouza composed a song and sang it too for our boys who were thoroughly delighted with the rendition.
The lyrics of the songwere as follows:
Don Bosco boys, Don Bosco boys
You are Don Bosco’s pride and joy
Be loving, stay humble
Take care so that you don’t stumble
In Virtute Robur is your motto
Live up to it in toto
Don Bosco boys, Don Bosco boys
Make your school proud forever.

The winners of the competition were then declared by the Head Teacher. They are:
Std 3:
1st place-William Dias
2nd place-Zeeshan Sayed
3rd place-Hassan Saiyed

Std 4:
1st place-Caleb Dias
2nd place-Saniel Pandit
3rd place-Aryl Dsouza

The competition drew to a close at 5:30 pm. A powerpoint presentation was broadcast to thank the judges, teachers, parents and students for their presence at the virtual singing competition that was a grand success. But this success wouldn’t have been possible without the able guidance of the Principal, Rev. Fr. Bernard Fernandes, the support of the Head Teacher, Mrs. Griselda Fernandes, the seamless co-ordination of the teachers, the efforts of the students and parents and above all, the blessings of St. John Bosco. All in all, it was a unique and wonderful experience!

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