26 August, 2016

-Ms. Larissa Fernandes

PlantDayKg01 PlantDayKg02


The Plant Day organized in the Kg section began with the singing of rhymes on trees. On this occasion, the children brought charts and fresh plants and spoke on various topics such as fruits, vegetables, flowers and importance of trees. They highlighted the trees that provide us with wood, spices, medicinal plants, cotton, rubber etc. besides making a mention of the uses of the coconut tree, soil erosion, and ’Vanamohtsava’ the festival of plant.

In the activity class, the children did clay modelling of fruits and vegetables. They coloured a worksheet on fruits and did bubble wrap painting on cut-outs of different fruits and vegetables. The teacher engaged the students through a story on protection and nurturing of trees. The memorable day ended with children playing games based on fruits and vegetables thus making it a day of fun-filled learning experience!