-Aakarsh Nair and Samay Shetty



On 22nd of August, 2016, the staff and students of the Green House of Don Bosco High School, Matunga celebrated their House day. The theme for the day was Don Bosco’s system of education. The Go Green message was also propagated by the students along with their attempt to spread the understanding of the Preventive System to others. This was done through a talk show, an exhibition and through charts prepared by the students.

The entrance of the school building was decked up to its best with garlands of balloons, a well decorated statue of Don Bosco where there was a small exhibition held of ‘Best out of Waste’ articles made by the Green house students. The interior of the school building was draped in green, with charts on display in every corridor imparting messages on both the educational system of Don Bosco as well as the Go Green message. Ms. Marossa Fernandes, the Assistant head teacher of the Green house said, “We chose to spread the Go green message along with the Preventive System because religion is one of the important pillars of the Preventive System and reverence for God’s creation is a part of religion. Go Green is the need of the present day.”

As part of the day’s celebrations, there was a talk show at the morning assembly with the guest of honour of the show being ‘Don Bosco’ himself which was played by a student who explained in detail the Preventive System of Education and it’s three pillars viz. Rapport, Religion and Reason introduced by Don Bosco. The talk show also gave an insight into the role of nature in the life of Don Bosco who, as a young lad, played in gardens, hills and vineyards; and this need for recreation and nature explains the presence of lovely gardens and huge playgrounds for the boys in almost every Salesian institution. Following the talk show, there was a video presented in every class which featured Don Bosco’s vision and his views on education. A bookmark with the message ‘Keep calm and save the environment’ and a Tulsi plant were given to all the staff members as a token of gratitude and appreciation from the Green House.

“I am proud of being a Boscoite and to study in a Salesian ambience that gives me the freedom to express creatively my love for nature,’ said Aakarsh Nair, the Sports and Activity Captain of the school, thus summing up the mood prevalent through the day and the educative system of Don Bosco.