29 July, 2016
-Ms. Blanche 
Assembly10E-20July01 Assembly10E-20July02
Each one of us is born unique and to teach this to our boys, we at Savio Kindergarten Jr. KG celebrated  ‘ I am Special’ Day on 27th July, 2016. Coincidentally, this was the first class event of the year. To get into the mood, the teacher played a video-song – I am Special – on the Smart Board. Thereafter, each child was called to speak five sentences on ‘My Self’. Later, they scribbled on a chart paper and the teacher cut crowns out of it. The children wore the crowns on their way home. It was an enjoyable experience for them. In the indoor activity, the children coloured on ice-creams cut out as a take away. The day was indeed special and significant as the children learnt an important lesson – that each one of us is a special gift from God!