31 August, 2016

We say goodbye to our two senior teachers who retire today from service at Don Bosco High School, Matunga – Ms. Winifred Fernandes (Head teacher of the Primary section) and Mr. L.B. Vishwakarma (Asst teacher in the Secondary section). We thank them for the many years of dedicated service and wish them God’s love and blessings. Here’s what each of them has to say to us:

Ms. Winifred Fernandes


To Don Bosco with Love

A fond farewell I say to you my boys. God bless you for the wonderful people that you are. You gave me reason to get up each morning with a smile and go to bed satisfied each night.
To you my dear teachers, I exhort each and every one of you to experience the joy of making a difference in society, the greatest gift of all.
To my management and well wishers, thanks for giving me the opportunity of serving my Alma Mater and bringing out the best in me. Not forgetting you the parents of my boys THANK YOU for your beautiful children.
God bless.
Primarily Yours,
Mrs. Winifred Fernandes
Head Teacher
(1997 – 2016)


Mr. L.B Vishwakarma


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