8 October, 2016

-Ms. Richa Singh

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The students of Std. III, visited the renovated Taraporewala Aquaruim on 8th October, 2016. The Aquarium located at Marine Lines is India’s oldest aquarium and one of city’s main attraction. It is the only aquarium in Mumbai which has more than 100 species of fishes from across the globe. It’s a high tech aquarium with special features like the glass vision sea world and an underwater sea walk. The aquarium comprises of two sections; sea water section and tropical fish section. The sea water section has turtles, sea horses, yellow frogs, etc. Whereas the tropical section has fishes like angel fish, sword tail fish, red dragon flower horn fish.

The children were given this exposure to provide them a live experience of the animal kingdom, especially the marine life. Presently they have the chapter on animals and their habitat in their subject on environmental studies, and hence this was an opportune moment for them to correlate with the topics they learn in the classroom. The view of the different species of fish inside the Aquarium was magnificent! and the children were thrilled and enchanted by this novel ‘underwater’ world experience!