18 Sept, 2016

-Ms. Elizabeth Soares


The Archdiocesan Value Education Coordinators’ Forum 2016 was held on 17th September, 2016 at Canossa High School, Mahim. The theme for this forum was ‘Encouraging Inclusivity in Education’. Don Bosco High School ,Matunga was represented by our teachers Mrs.Elizabeth and Mrs.Colleen.
The day began with the lighting of the diya and the  prayer service conducted by Sr.Veera and representatives from all the deaneries of our archdiocese. Fr.George Athaide, ABE Director, gave a brief introduction to the forum.This was followed with a very effective,simple and convincing talk by Dr.Ram Puniyani on the subject of Communal historiography and its divisive role. Sr.Noella DeSouza continued the session after break on the need for Inclusivity in Education today.
Panel discussions after every talk made us educators realize  that our education methodology and learning must help each and every child feel that they are special and their dignity is respected. As educators we need to value each and every child regardless of colour, intellect and talents. Quality inclusive education helps develop life skills.The AVEC awards were distributed thereafter.