5 July, 2016

-Ms Ashwini Gupte


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Class X C presented their assembly on the 5th of July with the help of their class teacher Mrs. Reshma Belgaonkar. The skit of class X C gave a glimpse of a shy and nervous boy named “Josh” and his rapid transformation after getting inspired by Dominic Savio.
The story revolved around Josh, the monitor of the class, who interrupted a fight in the class. Another boy named Aaron argued with Josh asking him not to stop the quarrel, in order to enjoy it. The teacher punished Josh as well as the boys who were fighting. After a boy explained to the teacher about Josh’s innocence, the teacher appreciated Josh. A few days later, Josh, bullied by some boys, was seen in church asking for forgiveness for not being a good leader. Later he learnt the significance of leadership at the church.
Rev. Fr. Rector appreciated the efforts of the boys of X C. He also appreciated the message given by the act that true leadership does not need “a tie” or “a blazer” but instead, an optimistic attitude, courage and faith is what it demands. Fr. Rector further added “I admire the statement by one of the narrators that it is NOT a myth that today’s generation gets inspired by the old fashioned saints.”